In-person Physical Therapy Consult

Physical therapy evaluation to assess your needs and goals followed by the development of a plan of care and treatment which may include manual therapy, movement analysis and instruction, therapeutic exercise, pain education and home program development. Available to residents of North/Central Florida upon request and availability. #chronicpain #fibromyalgia #specializedcare #handson


Virtual Physical Therapy Consult

Virtual Physical Therapy is available to those residing in Florida utilizing Telehealth Services (videoconferencing). Therapy may consist of development and implementation of an exercise/movement program, pain education and instruction in self mobilization of soft tissue, problem solving and coping skills. #chronicpain #nagginginjuries #fibromyalgia #backpain


Wellness Consult

Wellness consult provided in-person and virtually for residents of Panama. After an initial assessment to determine your needs, we will develop a plan that may consist of myofascial techniques, movement analysis and health coaching. #sportsinjuries #chronicpain #fibromyalgia #backpain #nagginginjuries