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Jana Diaz, PT

I understand the challenges that chronic pain brings to daily life. My mission is to provide a haven of resources, inspiration, and expert guidance as you embark on a personalized journey toward comprehensive well-being. Let’s navigate this path together and uncover the possibilities beyond pain.

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Physical Therapist

Licensed in the State of Florida in Physical Therapy

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Health Coach

ACE Certified Health Coach

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Trained to assess and work with clients on the hypermobility spectrum.

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Chronic Pain

Specializing in the treatment of multi-site and chronic pain.

Chat with Jana

Initial Session

Initial assessment of your current pain and function. Includes goal setting and initial recommendations for movement and pain management. May be performed in person at my home clinic in Albrook or via Virtual Appointment.


Follow Up Session

We will expand and build on our findings during the inital assessment. Each follow up session may include myofascial techniques, movement training, pain education, self care techniques and health coaching to decrease pain and improve mobility and function.



Consults are performed via phone/chat/email for things like questions about a minor issue and help in modifying an established independent program. They may not require much one-on-one contact but necessitate some behind the scenes time on my behalf.


Virtual Appointments

Virtual appointments are not just a convenience; they are a necessity in how we approach wellness. Whether you face mobility challenges or have a hectic schedule, our virtual services cater to your needs, ensuring that your health remains a priority in the modern world.