Do you have chronic pain?

Take the first step to a better life with a pain coaching consultation.

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Chronic pain can have negative physical, psychological and functional effects.

The pain experience can make it difficult to participate fully in life but you have an option to choose a different path. Partner with me and I can help guide you toward the life you imagine for yourself, a life not dominated by chronic pain.

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Jana Diaz, PT

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About Me

I’ve been in your shoes and walked (or tried to walk) a mile. I’ve been an athlete, a couch potato, an invalid, a workaholic, a cancer survivor, a chronic pain warrior, a napper and an exercise nut. Like many, I know well the love-hate relationship that can exist with one’s own body. The struggle and frustration is all too real and I strive to provide a judgement free environment for you to explore your options for improved mobility and pain management. Let me help you change your pain story and take back control of your life.